How I work

I have done a quite a bit of oil painting but there is really little to explain about my technique:

The procedure is known well enough. I create reference pictures - drawings, photographs - make a composition with these and draw a sketch on canvas. I paint first in thin, then in thicker layers of paint until the work is finished. A painting can take weeks to complete, as I also have to earn my daily bread...  

In the past few years many artists have switched either partially or completely to digital media . I am no exception. I like to draw digitally as a basis for painting. To the left is an unfinished "pencil" drawing for the portrait of Frederick Douglass.This is done with a pen on the screen in the photograph above which can be seen behind the jar of brushes. The procedure is very similar to drawing on smooth paper except that you cannot accidentally smudge the drawing with your hand and erasing is cleaner.

Sometimes I paint in the traditional way, but digitally.

I chose a type of brush or create my own - soft, bristly, broad, narrow, with thick or thin paint application, just like artists have done with brushes for centuries. I then paint flat areas of a medium tone, usually adding grades of shadows before finishing with light and highlights. Here are two phases in a portrait of George Harrison as an example. There is no smell of turpentine while I work and I don't have to wear an apron.

Exklusivität & Lieferzeit

Die abgebildeten Kunstarbeiten sind keine Massenware. Die Kunstdrucke werden individuell nach Bestellung gefertigt. Für Sie als Kunde bedeutet das einerseits eine gewisse Exklusivität. Dafür müssen Sie mit einer Lieferzeit von bis zu 10 Tagen rechnen.

Pflegetipps & Aufhängung

Die von mir gelieferten Kunstdrucke auf Leinwand brauchen selbsverständlich nicht mehr eingerahmt zu werden. Sie werden bei der Herstellung mit einem Firnislack versehen und haben eine Lichtechtheits-garantie von 100 Jahren. Sie konnen bedenkenlos von Zeit zu Zeit mit einem Staubtuch gewischt werden. Es ist dennoch nicht empfehlenswert, ein Bild - aus welchem Material auch immer - in direktem Sonnenlicht aufzuhängen.

Auch interessant

Nach 30 Jahren als Werbeillustrator habe ich ein PDF zum bisherigen Verlauf erstellt:


Website Link

Beispiele meiner Illustrationsarbeit für die Werbung und das Verlagswesen:

Storyboards & Illustration David Norman

Exclusivity & Delivery

The works pictured here are not mass productions. Each art print is individually created to order. For you as a customer that brings a degree of exclusivity. However, it also means that production and delivery can take up to 10 days.

Care and hanging

My art prints on canvas need not be framed. They are varnish-coated and the colours are guaranteed non-fading for 100 years. From time to time they can be wiped lightly with a dust cloth. However, it is not advisable to hang any picture - whatever the material - in direct sunlight.

Also of interest

To mark 30 years as a freelance advertising illustrator I created a PDF with an overview of my work so far (in German):


 Website Link

Websites with my work for advertising and publishing: 

Storyboards & Illustration David Norman