For some years now ART in the WORKPLACE has enjoyed increasing usage in small to medium-sized firms - and not simply for decorative purposes. The advantages of ART in the WORKPLACE are numerous:

  • It can draw attention to aspects of the history of the company, its philosophy and its successes.
  • It can present a team, a product series or services in a positive light and can visualise company policies and concepts in a succinct and entertaining and thus memorable form.
  • It can stir up creativity in general, invigorate team spirit and perk the ambient in the workplace.

Diverse studies -  for example by Lexmark or by International Art Consultants together with the British Council for Offices - have shown that ART in the WORKPLACE does indeed inspire people to more creativity, improves well-being and even increases productivity - particularly when employees are involved in the project!


The methods and the media with which we can achieve these aims are various. Here are just a few:

  • Traditional representations in all forms; portraits, dynamic pictures/compositions of sites, buildings, production lines...
  • Live Drawing/concept visualisation at trade fairs, seminars...
  • Illustrated booklets on relevant company themes, concepts...
  • A short comic album in paper and digital form using, for example, a well known movie or tv series theme with employees as protagonists...
  • An Animatic-Video with a mission statement. For example: (The illustrations here are not by me).
  • Caricatures of staff members in their activity.
  • Explain-Videos,
  • Posters in the style of popular movies.
  • A team Hall of Fame.

...and much more. Contact me directly for an informal non-binding brainstorming at:


Some examples:

Internationally renowned Professor Thomas Otto from the Lukas Hospital in Neuss set a very personable style together with two nurses.

A global leader in the field of precious metals successfully used the star wars theme for an internal presentation.

A classical portrait style was the ideal solution for the Chancellor's Office of the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf


Pure motivation: An entire team was pictured as science fiction heroes for a marketing project.

The Allstar Explain Academy  - here are just a few of the members - can put your message across simply, convincingly and unforgettably.

Photomontage in the hands of an illustrator can deliver powerful messages!

This 3D model of a pharmacy was created for a medical delivery supplies chain and was a big hit in the pharmacies! Haptic has increased value in the digital age!