About me and my work

I'm a German from the town of Meerbusch, born in Dublin. Even as a child I wanted to leave the land of my birth and came as a cultural refugee to Germany in 1977 - more of which in a planned graphic novel. After studying as a graphic designer I broke off my further studies at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin to work in advertising. Having worked some years as a designer and art director in Ireland, England and Germany, I became self-employed as a commercial artist in 1983. Since then I have been successfully occupied internationally in this field. Many German school children will know my work from the English school books published by Klett and Cornelsen with my illustrations.




From my early years I knew that I wanted to be a commercial artist. After all, many of the greatest art in history has been commissioned work. The valuable experience I have gained (and continue to gain) working in the commercial world feed into my pictures. When you spend your childhood beneath grey Irish rain clouds you are capable, as few others are, of appreciating the sun of the South. Light inspires my work. However, painting - and in particular, illustration - do not figure prominently in the current fashion codex of art. I see potential here. Beyond popular themes such as provocation, moralising or tabu-breaching I am involved in playing with light, the subtle dynamics of composition, the subliminal effects of structured colour and, if I may use the "b"-word, Beauty.