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 Art that is available nowhere else.



Whether for your offices, your reception area, your surgery, your home or to complete a redecoration - you'll discover pictures here which will impress both you and your visitors. And if you would like to give art as a present; gift vouchers are available in the shop.


In the Gallery pages you will find pictures of the artworks with descriptions and prices. There is a wide spectrum to choose from; oil- and digital paintings of landscapes, portraits, sketches and posters in various styles. All are available directly from the artist and can be signed if so desired. If you would like your art print to be signed, simply write this in the commentary box when sending the purchase order. Your comments and criticisms are welcome under KOMMENTARE.


My offer

All art prints from DNA are printed by a well established fine art printer which serves international Art galeries. However, art is more than just canvas and colour. Every artwork on offer profits from more than 30 years of experience creating art in the world of advertising and publishing - see the link  to the PDF download in the right hand column.


Art in the workplace

This web page contains interesting concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Special demands

If you have individual wishes - a specific picture size, a different material such as water colour paper -  or you would like a portrait painted, simply send your request to kunst@davidnormansart.de


Click on HOME in the MENU to access the galeries. I hope you enjoy the visit!